Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 7

It's been some time since I wrote up some confessions to y'all. But instead of making this one complaints about customers like usual I thought I'd share some things that really make us happy.

Tipping. Ok, typically we don't think of tipping a cashier. In fact, it may not be the right choice of words. But secretly, I love when you leave even just a few pennies from your change for me. No, it's not much, but those extra pennies add up in the bank account. Which I actually put my spare change towards money for my daughters bank. This isn't a must, it's just something that makes us smile. One big one was the other day a customer thought I was patient with him since he had made a big purchase of candy. I thought I was just doing my job. But he insisted on giving me $3 to get myself a cold drink. I thought that was just so generous and it made me just feel really good.

Putting back unwanted items. Yes, it is my job to clean up and pick up my own re-shops. But I LOVE customers who offer or even go return the item(s) they don't want and put them back where they belong. It just makes me have more respect for you. I like knowing you were considerate enough that if you took it out of place, you're willing to put it back in place.

Returning the Carts. This is one i'm sure most if not all of us are guilty of or were guilty of at one point or another. Returning the carts where they belong. Now it's not my particular job to collect the carts from outside, but I collect the hand held baskets. Most of the time people like to leave them on the floor or on top another register counter or wherever rather than returning them to the stack they got them from. I love when a customer takes a few seconds and steps to walk over and return the basket where they had gotten them from. Nothing big, it's just nice to see someone who's not too lazy to put the cart back up. For us those hand held baskets are literally just a few steps away. And by my register, the push carts are RIGHT there. Those who leave their push carts just parked in front my register are just lazy and inconsiderate when they could have just pushed them to where they belong. So my appreciation for those who actually put up the carts has greatly grown.

Smile & Greet. I love friendly customers. Well, I love friendly people in general. But I love a customer that says hi & greets me with a smile as I do for them. I love having a small talk sort of conversation with you as I ring you up rather than standing there in the awkward silence. It makes the experience a bit more personal I guess. A way of slightly getting to know each other. Not like a best friend sort of thing, just a friendly acquaintance.

These are just things that make us smile & brighten our day. There's more but you know how it is when you're trying to think. I always remember them while I'm at work. Imagine that! So if you go to a store and appreciate the service, just keep these simple little things in mind. Once you've worked in retail you have a much better appreciation of those who are in it in my opinion.

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