Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pregnancy Forum

Are you pregnant? Trying to get pregnant? There's a great online forum called the Pregnancy Group! It's a free and easy to use forum with all sorts of tips, advice and discussions about pregnancy. If you're just looking for some help or making new friends, this is a good site to check out! Plus, as an added bonus, Join yheir forum today for free and make 30 posts and they will email you a $10 gift voucher from "Babies R Us" to spend on whatever you like! How awesome is that? Perfect little incentive to join if you're pregnant. I know we all could use every little bit to help. I wish I would have known about that site when I was pregnant. It sure would have helped some since I was scrapping nickels and dimes in the beginning!

Being pregnant can be a very scary and exciting time. You have so many emotions. One minute you're happy and laughing then the next you're crying because you couldn't complete a simple task! Then you start laughing because what you were crying over was just crazy! When you have others to discuss what you're going through and share your feelings though, it makes you feel a bit more normal rather than feeling like a total nut case. Believe me! I've been there, done that! I felt like a complete nut job during my pregnancy to say the least. Then, you always have something new happening to you (if it's your first pregnancy you're obviously going to discover things you didn't expect to happen!). So checking out the forum could be a great idea for you and your future little sweat pea!

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