Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New and Exciting Educational Toys in the Marketplace

Some great new educational toys have been developed for children over the last few years. Substituting ordinary toys with toys that are designed to teach specific learning skills can help accelerate brain development and coordination in children of all ages. 

One of the best new and exciting educational toys for child development is the new YBike. Manufactured by Fat Brain Toys, this toy has been proven to increase children’s motor skills and to improve the ability to perform tasks that require leg balance and dynamic and static balance. A twenty to thirty minute session twice a week has been shown by Stellenbosch University to dramatically increase a child’s coordination and to teach him or her to have better balance. YBikes are available for children from 12 months to 6 years. Winner of a recent Parent’s Choice award, Twig, is a fun game that teaches children to put interchangeable parts together. For ages 3 and up, Twig’s attractive and brightly colored pieces help develop problem-solving skills, logic, creativity, sensory awareness, visual-spatial ability and independent play skills in children. 

These specialized building blocks are constructed largely from renewable resources and can be used in multiple ways that enhance children's learning skills. With more than a dozen child development awards awarded for excellence in children’s toys, the new Dado Cubes are loaded with educational benefits that combine art and science. Each set of educational Dado Cubes comes with 12 different cubes in a variety of sizes to teach and entertain children over 3. As children learn to use them to make towers or construct structures, the cubes achieve their purpose of teaching children better eye-hand coordination, how to graduate shapes, how to improve their number skills and a variety of other developmental enhancements. Infants and toddlers love the bright colors of the Mozart Magic Cube. 

When it is touched, one of six Mozart masterpieces begins to softly play while being accompanied by various colored lights that move with music’s tempo. The cube teaches children to add or subtract any combination different instruments. The toy has different educational challenges printed on all sides. Older children will enjoy the new educational game, Animal Logic. Designed for players from 5 to 95, Animal logic is great for teaching problem solving and sequencing. Listed by USA Weekend as one of the year's best educational toys, the pieces are constructed from durable wood.

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