Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Father of 55 Children Arrested For Paternity Scam!

A Paris father of 55 children was arrested for charges of paternity fraud. If he is convicted of the crime, he could face up to 10 years in prison. The African American man is 54-years-old, and he is claiming that he is the father of all 55 children.

The state will have to determine if the 55 children from 42 different women are truly the unidentified man’s offspring. Officials are debating as to whether to conduct DNA tests on all of the children.
The man even claimed to have 50 people living with him at his Paris residence. Authorities became suspicious when they realized that 50 people could not be living in his flat. So, police performed a raid on his apartment. They found the man to be living there alone.

According to Reuters, the man was charging the women to register them. If they were the mothers of his children, why would he charge them to register their children? This registration allowed them to receive social benefits and receive residency permits. Some of the women admitted to having received about $8,000 a month for different allowances by the state.

A police spokesperson said, “At the moment, 42 women have been identified and each claim that the man is the biological father of their child. Investigations are ongoing and an investigating magistrate will decide whether DNA tests have to be administered to determine the children's paternity.” The 54-year-old man must have been a sperm donor more then once a year! He sure was a busy bee!

Social services is upset, because they believe the organization paid out about $1 million in claims to the alleged mothers. It sounds as if the mothers will be in trouble, as well, if the investigation turns up that a paternity scam was occurring.

The arrested father of 55 children must be shady, if he claimed that all those 50 people were living with him though they weren’t. This is a crazy story! It will be fascinating to find out what the investigation discovers about the Paris man.

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