Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 6

Here we go again! Another confession session with your cashier. Please remember, this is all to be taken seriously, but in a fun humorous way. Also, if you have any experiences you'd like to share as a cashier or customer, well just do so in the little comment box below!

Leaving Products Behind. What do I mean? Well, say you pick up a case of water (5 steps away from the register is the display) then you decide you do not want the water... PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU GOT IT! I can understand if it's a larger store or the item was to the very back of the store, but do NOT grab it from somewhere that's just a few steps away then just put it on the side. That just shows how lazy you REALLY are!

We don't carry the product. Ok, we may be the same company, but we do not always carry the same products. Most people understand this and may even recommend we get the product they're looking for. But by all means, do NOT get mad or throw a fit because we do not have the product you're looking for. I cannot control what inventory we have and what do not have. I can only make recommendations like you.

Slow Payments. You know what's annoying? I have a line of other customers who would like to quickly check out and continue on to going home or doing whatever else they have to do before the day is over. Then having a customer who likes to take their dear old sweet time getting the money out to pay. No, I'm not meaning an elderly lady or handicapped in any way, but the ones that don't mind having a chit chat with their buddy that's with them or on the cell phone, doing the hand gestures and taking a whole 5 minutes before even getting the credit card out. Seriously?!?  Which Leads me to the next one..

Crumbled Money. Is it really that hard to unfold your money? I hate getting it all crumbled into little balls. Do you think it's going to make things go any faster? Not a chance. In fact, I will actually be a bit slower than necessary to un-crumble them. How would you like if I individually crumbled up all your change and handed it back to you that way? I bet you wouldn't enjoy it very much. In fact, it'd probably piss you off if we're gonna be honest. So have the same respect for me. Which brings me to the next thing...

Change on the Counter. I know I've mentioned this before, but since it happens so often maybe I should bring it up again... do NOT toss or put your change/money on the counter for me to pick up! Again, this is RUDE! I do not put your change on the counter, so do not do it to me!! In fact, it's almost very tempting for me that when you do this, for me to leave your change in a pile on the counter for you to make a point. But, I won't go to your level of rudeness. Again, this is not for handicapped or elderly people, but the very capable ones who are just lazy.

Prices. Ok, I am a cashier, I do not set the prices. I just ring up your items, scan coupons and point you in the right general direction of items. That basically sums up what I am paid to do. I do not set prices nor have the power to give you an item cheaper (without management approval). Complaining to me about how much an item costs will do nothing for you. I will not even be passing along the information. In our store, we have price tags on all our items on the shelf so you know the price of the item when you place it into your cart. I have no sympathy for you. Why? Because you're having an attitude with me over something out of my control and 99% of the time it's not for a needed item.

Another Employee Does it. This is an excuse I hear... such as scanning a carton of another box of cigarettes but giving you 10 boxes of the brand you want to make up that carton. I'm sorry, we are NOT supposed to do this. It messed up inventory. Plus, what if the box I scan is not the same price as the original? I'm not risking my job. Telling me another employee does it will not get you anywhere. Unless I get a manager ok, it's not getting done. Think I'm rude or mean, but I would like to keep my job.

EBT/Cash Assistance Cards. Now I do not care who uses these, gets these, etc. We all go through hard times and need the help. BUT when you are using your cash assistance to buy cigarettes or alcohol... this annoys me. I get EBT and I use it for my food products. I do not get the cash assistance but I do know that this is to be used for things you need (Diapers, feminine products, etc) that your EBT does not cover. If you are on EBT and have to use the cash assistance to purchase your cigarettes, you shouldn't be smoking. It may not be my business what you are purchasing, but I know that this is not supposed to be allowed and believe me, if there was a way to report it, I would. And honestly, you must not need the cash assistance for anything else to be purchasing tobacco with it.

Looking Over Shoulders. I'm curious, why do people look over other customers shoulders?? I had a refund to issue and if the refund is over a certain amount, the customer needs to fill out a form with their info and the reason of the return. While this customer was doing that, another customer was trying to look over her shoulder to (as it appeared) to read what she was writing down. I asked him if I could help him and of course I was watching him. And he said he just needed some cigarettes. Ok, dude, the cigarettes are behind the register, not the ladies shoulder on the counter. Believe me, I'm watching and paying attention and if I feel it's necessary, I will call you out on it. That's invading privacy and just out right rude.

We're Not a Bank. You come in and use the ATM. You come to my register asking if I can make change. If I have the available funds, I don't mind. But I will not break my register to break your $20 (or higher) bill! We're not a bank. If you need change, make a purchase. I am doing YOU a favor by giving you change. So if I so happen not to have the funds available to break your change, do not get upset. Go else where or better yet, go to the bank! This typically isn't an issue, but you get those people who get mad over not having the change to give. Sorry, you're just making yourself look like a fool to get upset over something so simple. Also, in the same category... do NOT ask me to search my drawer for a "crisp" bill. Most of my bills are used, run down, etc. Again, if you want this sort of service with money, go to a damn bank!

Cell Phones. Omg! I know I've mentioned this before but seriously, I wish they had something that completely disconnected cell phone service at the front register! Seriously! I am so tired of hearing your whole unimportant drama conversation over the phone while you ignore me. How about I just ignore you and take the next person? Don't like it? Get off the phone! Put your call on hold! Just stop being so damn rude! Because you're the same sort of person that whines and complains when I didn't scan a coupon or the price wasn't what you thought of an item. Which, you'd have known all this if you were paying attention.

Got your own thoughts on the matter? Share below!

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