Friday, August 20, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier

Alrighty, I haven't exactly been writing in here like it's a blog or anything. Seems more like a tips/advice/advertising site. Maybe I shall change that. I mean, sometimes I just have random thoughts I wanna share and of course Closet of Free Samples isn't the place for those random chatter moments. So I guess I may start post my ramblings on here. I mean, it's the mommy diary right?

So I guess right now my random rambling is about Cashiering. Now I've cashiered basically most of my life (well life from when I could work). I'm also a major shopper! I know customer service itself is basically pretty crappy these days. Heck, crappy may even be a compliment adjective for some places! So believe me, I understand as a customer, you want at least a decent experience. Now granted, us cashiers can't always make everything work, but I at least give it my best shot to leave my customers happy. None the less... here's my complaints about customer behavior (I'm sure we've all had our moments being bad customers, but still... why not just make a list for the fun of it right?):

1) Talking on the phone at the register. Yes, we HATE it! It makes me want to be rude and ignore you and not ring you up. Of course, I can't do that. But I'm sure you would hate it if us Cashiers were chatting away or texting on our phones as we rang you up completely ignoring you. See. Same thing goes for you. I like to great you, ring you up, hold a small chat during the process if you're the chatty type, tell you your total and let you go. Nothing is more annoying than a customer on the damn phone, ignoring you then having to ask you what the total is because they weren't paying attention then ignoring the key pad to complete the transaction (if they used a debit/credit card). Is it really hard to call that person back or put them on hold for a minute??

2) Ignoring Us. Ok, so you're not a big talker. Believe me, MOST of us will not push to force you to talk. But if we ask how you are, you can use a simple one word answer, not totally ignore us. It's rude. We tell you have nice day/evening, don't ignore us. Would you like it if we ignored you? Probably not. Just saying, some common curtousy. You don't need to tell me your life story, we're just trying to be pleasant and give you friendly service.

3) Money on the Counter. Ok, so I have my hand out so you can place the cash/change in my hand for you to pay for your purchases only for you place the money on the counter. Now was that really necessary? So now it's going to take me a few seconds longer to complete your transaction because I now have to pick this up off the counter. No, it's not a huge deal, it's just annoying. Seriously. Would you like me to place your change all on the counter? Of course you wouldn't. In fact, you'd probably take it as me being rude. Well I feel the same way!

4) Leaving Baskets in front register/Floor. I'm not sure if this is the hottest trend or not, but I'm finding more and more people leave their hand held baskets on the floor in front the register as well as the buggies. Seriously?? Ok, the problem with this is it gets in the way of other customers. It's like when you're a kid, if you take the toy out, you put it back where you got it... yea, the same concept applies when shopping in the store. I don't want my other customers who weren't as inconsiderate as you to trip over the hand held basket, or them having to push YOUR buggie out the way because you were to lazy to put it back or ask me if I could take your hand held basket behind my counter. Believe me, I don't mind. It's much better than you leaving it on the floor right there at the counter!

5) Putting your shopping items on top displays by the register. I get you may change your mind about purchasing some items or your arms are full and you're tired of holding items, but for crying out loud, do NOT put them on top of our displays or items in front the register. So if we have cakes or candy displayed, they are now being mushed because you were inconsiderate and placed your items on top of them. You may not care because it's nothing you're interested in, but it's rude. That's like me coming to your home and just throwing my purse on top of your bread. Completely uncalled for.

6) Pay attention to your kids! Ok, this is my BIGGEST complaint I think I could have. I just "LOVE" when you let your kids run through the store like wild animals and pay absolutely no attention to them what so ever. What's even better, the kids are at an age where they SHOULD know how to behave, yet they don't. Throwing, running, hollaring. It's annoying and rude. Plus it shows the kind of parent you are, one who doesn't care. No, i'm not talking about the parents who actually TRY to discipline their kids... I mean the ones who are yapping to their friends or are on their phones while their kids are destroying the store which later I have to clean up because I can go home. Then on top of that, you're rude and inconsiderate when you get to the register. Really?!?

7) Don't come in high. Yes, there are people who actually go shopping while high on weed. I hate the smell! I don't wanna smell it. And maybe you think we can't tell or smell it, but we can. If you think it makes ya look cute, it doesn't. If it's what you do, whatever. Just don't come in around me because you're making me wanna gag! (Yes, I get that many customers that smell loaded on weed!)

8) I am not a cigarette expert! Yes, I am licensed to sell cigarettes, but I cannot tell you the difference between which one is which other than the brand name and box color! So don't be upset when I explain I do not smoke and I do not know. Just because I can sell them to you does not mean I know or was even trained to know. I'm only trained to basically ID you and not to sell to minors. So lose the attitude when I'm not a smoking expert!

Now, these weren't meant to be rude, but speak the truth and have a bit of humor to them. Just remember, go into a store as if you're a guest in someones home. When you're done with something, put it back. Be polite. It's not hard. Now if you have a rude cashier.... well then that's a WHOLE different story.

Have your own cashiering confessions? SHARE THEM!

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