Monday, August 30, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 4

Another night at the register passes by again. I've been a bit too busy to keep up with the posting when I get an idea... ok, not really busy, just not feeling good and being lazy. Busy just sounds better. But not feeling good and having a demanding 2 1/2 year old who thinks she owns everything and can do what she wants... yea, I think it's fair to be lazy when I want to be. So here it goes.

1) Coupons. I am a coupon fanatic. I love using coupons and saving money and I love watching the deals others get from using them. But by all means, PLEASE have them ready when you get to the register!! Yes, I love nothing more than to wait while you dig through your WHOLE PILE of coupons as my line builds up because you weren't prepared. Step to the side and get what you need, don't make others wait. It's inconsiderate. I'm not talking about if you have some out in your hand you just need to pick a few out from a small pile, but I mean when you're going through your coupon organizer and envelope searching through a bunch. Seriously?!?

2) In store Coupons. Alright, these are slightly different than the manufacturer coupons. These are in our store ad. Now these are still coupons. When you see it in the form of a coupon, I MUST put in that coupon to give you the discount. If I do not use the coupon, you get the regular price. Get it? So as I am scanning your items, don't start badgering me about WHY an item isn't ringing up for $0.99 when I haven't finished running things through and put in the coupons. And I mean when I explain to you I have to put in the coupon (which is done at the end) do not continue to keep asking me for EACH item why it's ringing up the way it is. You're just making yourself look like a moron when I just explained "yes, I need the coupon which I will put in at the end when I'm finished ringing everything up".  So once I explain that to you just wait til the end and you will SEE the mark downs!

3) Price Changes. Often there are items on clearance in the store. We indicate these with little orange/red clearance stickers (at my particular store). Now I understand completely that if an item is marked down to $2 and it's ringing up something else, you ARE entitled to the marked price. BUT if I have 3 other items marked for an item (say $3 each) and just ONE other box of the same product has the $2 sticker on it, you are not entitled to the $2 price. Why? Because anyone could have taken that sticker off of another item and placed it on there to try and get the items cheaper. I'm not accusing YOU of doing it, but it's a good chance this is the case. Theft is up in many places as well as scams. So don't get rude when we deny giving it to you for the lower price because of this. Remember, these stickers can easily be taken off and on multiple times. If this item was cased in where only employees could get to it, then well you very well would get it for that price. So keep this in mind.

4) Asking a Cashiers Age. Ok, I know I look much younger than what I am. But for a male to ask a female her age is rude. Dude, I'm not telling you my age. I have no reason to. You're not a regular customer nor someone I talk to. Heck, I don't even hardly see you in the store to make small talk with you. So why ask my age? Now, if you're a regular and someone I'm always joking around with and stuff, of course I don't care. I'm just saying, you come to check out and want to know how old I am, I straight out won't tell you. Call me rude, but you were rude for asking in the first place.

Now back to wishing I could have one relaxing day off in peace. Ok, scratch that. I'm wishing each day I had off could be relaxing and enjoyable... after all, all the other days I have to work. I think it's fair..

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