Thursday, August 26, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 3

After all of those things I've already listed, who would have thought I could have come up with any more? Well I did! It's not huge lists, but it's still something. And as I await for my adorable little wild child to fall asleep, I shall tell you all about them! Yes, I just called Sophia a wild child. Why? Because she's acting like she ate a whole candy store and it's 12:30am! But on with the cashiering list!

1) Unfolding Clothes. I get that you unfold the shirts or shorts in search of your size or to see the full design. We all do this. But by all means, make an ATTEMPT to fold them back! I'm not perfect at folding and I know a lot of other people aren't either, but at the end of my shift, I (ME) have to fold those all back to look nice! And when the end of the night is here, I really want to go home. I have paper work, register counting, re-shops, vacuuming, etc. which I need to complete before we're able to leave. And what's worse? When you were standing right there and you saw me working on straightening up the clothing items and you go unfold them and leave them there! Now that just makes me mad. How about you go clean up your home and I watch you, then right in front of you just mess it up and act like I didn't do a thing. Yea, that idea doesn't sound as pleasant anymore now does it? So please keep that thought in mind next time you decide to mess up items that require folding.

2) Littering. Who would have thought in a place where trash cans are available inside and out people feel they still must leave trash everywhere? We have an ATM machine and there's always countless ATM receipts left on the ground. Guess those people could care less about their privacy. Then fast food cups, candy wrappers, etc. Can you not just toss it in the darn trash can?? Again, that's more for me to clean up! Even worse is having to clean up trash that didn't even come from our store!

3) Crumbled Money. Ok, money is money. But I hate receiving money crumbled in a ball all over the place. Like are you too lazy to unfold it and hand it to me correctly that you have it crumpled up on the counter? Honestly, if you're in that much in a rush, you would have been faster if you woulda gave it to me correctly. Because now, I take my dear old sweet time uncrumbling it so I can properly put it away in my register. And you won't be getting your change until I get that money put away correctly. This sort of goes hand in hand with a previous post on how I mentioned placing the money on the counter. It just comes off as a bit rude to me anyway.

4) Tapping Your Fingers. Alrighty, don't tap your fingers on the counter as if you're trying to rush me. This is annoying. I will NOT move faster. In fact, I will do the opposite and move slower. Call me inconsiderate, but it's very rude of you to do this. I'm already going as quick as I can to try to get you in and out. But I'm not super woman here!

5) Is it on sale? This is a question I'm always getting... "Is anything I'm getting on sale?" Look, I know I work here. I know the most popular selling items on sale, but I do not know the whole sale paper or in store sales. Believe me, I wish I was that good, but I'm not. So if I say I'm not sure but we can check, don't get an attitude with me. I'm willing to help look with you to see if there's an in store coupon. If it's that serious, do your own research! This isn't meant towards those who simply ask, but I mean people that expect me to know the darn sales inside and out!

Now all these post I keep making about cashiering confessions in NO way implies that I don't like my job. In fact, I love my job. I just randomly thought some of these things are funny, annoying, etc that should be shared. Obviously things can't just be blurted out on the job. So these are for fun and entertainment, while letting others being able to share their views. Just thought I should make that little bit clear.

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