Friday, August 20, 2010

2 1/2 Year Old fits --How do you deal?

Please tell me your secrets to well behaved toddlers! The moment I tell my daughter "no" to anything that's it... the tantrums starts! Like right now, she wants the tv on but is whining completely for no reason out of no where other than being a typical toddler. So I turn it off since you can't hear it anyway and the whining just gets louder! What is the deal? And it's not like this is a rare occurrence, this is a normal thing! Oh why oh why must she be going through the "terrible 2s"?? And to be told it only gets worse?? Oh geez what will I do! Obviously I don't wanna just give in and give her her way because well I want her to understand you don't act that way to get your way. But how do you NOT go crazy listening to all the whining and screaming?? Yes, I have to turn music on loud right now just to keep me from going nuts! She talks pretty well, or well enough to understand so lord knows if she was hungry she would say "I hungry" in her little toddler voice rather than just throwing a fit. What's worse? It just seems the whining is never ending. I mean do they EVER get tired? And I mean getting tired before I lose my mind which is about 50% gone at this point.

Oh please oh lovely readers, share how you got through the TERRIBLE TWOs!

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