Monday, July 12, 2010

Shrek for Family Fun Night

Posting compliments of Taylor Rosner

The movie Shrek is without a doubt one of the best animated movies ever. It’s so great because not only does my six-year-old enjoy it, but I secretly do as well. The animation of the characters is very good. I feel more like I’m watching a regular film than one designed for children. The characters are funny, especially Donkey. My son always says his favorite line, “Ogres are like onions” right on cue with the film. He’s a real character himself.

The story is well written and keeps us entertained through the length of the film. I was thrilled when during our family television time we were searching through our many direcTV channels and I saw Shrek was just about to start. I lingered on that page for a while waiting for my son to read it and his face lit up and he begged to watch it. I gladly obliged. Luckily this film is the perfect length of an hour and half because we got the entire film in just before bed time. Although I would have let him stay up to finish it I’m glad I didn’t have to. If you give a six-year-old an inch on bed time they try to take a mile.

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