Thursday, June 24, 2010

University of Redlands

Being a mom means less time for yourself and less time for doing what you want to do. Doesn't mean it can't be done though. I had actually stopped going to college right before we decided to try and get pregnant (so over 2 years ago). I had quit for personal reasons but recently been considering going back. Of course, I have a tight schedule so I'm not sure when I'd be able to even get started. But if I do go back it'd be something for business. I was previously going for Administrative Office Technology. Basically, that's a big term for secretary work on the computer.

So where would I even begin to choose where to go? Well for me personally I'll probably stick with a near by local college because of my personal situation of having a family and all. For those of you without a family or willing to relocate and such may want to check out some of these awesome credible colleges: University of Redlands, Inland Empire college or even California business school. All these schools are perfect if you're looking for a degree in the business field! All in great locations and all want to help you reach that level of higher education that you're looking for!

Don't have the funds for a nice college like this? Consider a scholarship or trying financial aid. Being a mom, these are typically fairly easy to get. Especially if you're a single mom. Remember, just because you're a parent now doesn't mean you can't fulfill your dreams. These universities are here to help you! Share your college experiences since being a parent!

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