Saturday, June 5, 2010

{ REVIEW } Agoo Leggings

I remember back when I was in high school having "leg warmers" as we called them were the cool thing. Everyone has a pair. They kept your legs warm and they made your uniform look a lot better. Well it seems these trendy "leg warmers" are still in! This time, not for high schoolers, but for babies! Agoo Leggings invited me to review a pair of their eco-friendly leggings for Sophia.

Now I know I love these sorts of things for me, even though I haven't had my own pair in years, but I wasn't sure how Sophia would react. She's a little over 2 years old (2 years and 4 months to be exact) and while I was putting them on her to try out she wasn't too thrilled. She was kind of like "what are you putting on me mommy?!?" Once I got them on her she LOVED them! She ran around the house in them all day. She even napped in them and this is a child who tends to not wear anything but a diaper at bed time/nap time. Which really surprised me. Of course after a while she took them off, but she kept them on for a good amount of time and longer than I expected. Plus, they looked really adorable on her!

What I like about these are they're made from bamboo, they're breathable (so you're legs are suffocating in them!), antibacterial, UV Protective (very important with as much walking as we do), Odor resistant (no explanation needed for this one), wicks away moisture, Soft and Comfortable and they're grown without pesticides. Did I mention they're also machine washable? You can even iron them (on the low setting) if you want or need to. Every parents dream come true with clothing!

At Agoo, they have tons of colors and styles to choose from. They also have other products to choose from so you don't have to get just the leg huggers from them. They shipped my item fast and had quick responses to my emails. I am very satisfied with their service and can honestly say I do recommend them for all parents. They're not over priced and your little girl would love them! Whether it's to wear regularly or to play dress up.

About Agoo
"Not very often does something new come out that stands apart from everything else. The newly designed, innovative and stylish, 2-in-1 Tushie Huggers from Agoo".

Agoo is always thinking about what is good for kids and what is easy on Mom. Kids like comfort and the cool factor where moms prefer stylish, sensible and smart. It is a lot to create a garment that both mom and child will like. BUT, we think we've done it, and designed the newest most fashionable item of clothing your kids will want to wear and you will love them wearing it. Tushie Huggers is the evolution of the Leg Hugger. 

We have taken the beautiful patterns and designer look of our leggings and attached a chic skirt for girls and striking shorts for boys, to make a perfect 2-in-1 ensemble. The fashionable leggings protect and cover the legs, while the complementing overgarment make a perfect outfit no one would assume was connected. 

We made Tushie Huggers easy and comfortable, trendy and new so wearing them would be fun. Yet, more importantly, we priced them so everyone could enjoy them. We have used Cotton yarn for durability and wearability and put them in three simple sizes from 0 to 36 months. To add to the amazing phenomenon of Tushie Huggers, we went one-step further and created Tushie Tops. In the same quality of design, each bottom has a hip and stylish corresponding top. We have chosen a luxury fabric that feels wonderful next to the skin, these tops last as they have superseded Agoo's durability test for resilience and wear.
Tushie Huggers and Tushie Tops are the made for kids, yet built for Moms.

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