Monday, June 21, 2010

Camping with Kids

Summer is here! By now, the kids have been out of school for a while, they’ve played all the video games and watched all the TV they can stand and they’re beginning to use the dreaded phrase: “I’m bored.” Bored children spell disaster for your summer productivity, and besides, summer isn’t supposed to be boring, it’s supposed to be an exciting time, free from school and obligations, to spend with your family and friends.  Mix up the sleepy summer routine, get outside, have an adventure, go camping!
Camping with kids may seem like quite the undertaking; but with some up-front planning and a little organization, you’re sure to have a fun and memorable experience – for both kids and grownups!  

VolunteerSpot, the parent organization experts, asked veteran family campers and both Girl Scout and Boy Scout troop leaders to share their tips and success secrets for camping with kids.  They’ve put them together in this free eBook to help make your next camping experience a huge success. Check out the new free eBook, click here!
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Included in the eBook:

  • Keeping kids safe, healthy and happy throughout your trip
  • Packing lists
  • Camping food & cooking ideas
  • Nature activities
  • Sample sign up sheets
If you’re planning a multi-family or group campout, VolunteerSpot can help keep everyone organized and ensure that the trip goes super smoothly. With VolunteerSpot’s free and easy sign-up tool you can plan who’s going to bring the tents, the sleeping bags, and even the graham crackers. They do the busywork to help you get everyone organized so you can have more fun!
Click Here to see "Camping with Kids"
Happy Camping!

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