Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Juicy Couture Tracksuits

Being a mom isn't always the easiest job. In fact, I think it's the hardest job and you don't get paid! And just because you're on your toes all day chasing your little one doesn't mean you're staying in shape. Some moms enjoy jogging and doing other exercise to keep fit. What do you wear while you do your power walks or jogs?

Juicy Couture has some really cute outfits to choose from! Have you seen the Juicy Couture Tracking suits on Become? These are some high quality name brand suits at pretty decent prices. Plus, they're stylish and look great! Why not get in shape while looking great? Not to mention, you don't HAVE to wear these just for working out. You can wear them simply because they look awesome!

They have this awesome Monogrammed Terry Track Suit by Juicy Couture that I just love! Well, mainly I love it because it's pink but it also looks neat! Just $86 for the whole thing! And of course, every mothers dream, it's Machine Washable! I just hate having to go to the dry cleaners to get something nice cleaned. It's just out the way for me. So this is a plus! If you have a little one and like the pink track suit, then you may be interested in this matching pink one for kids! It's also a Pink Terry Track Suit, but in kid sizes! The whole kids set is $78!

There's different styles and colors to choose from so be sure to check them all out and pick the one the best suits you and your needs and looks!

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