Sunday, March 28, 2010

Repair Pal: Repair estimates, user ratings and reviews

This post brought to you by your friends at repairpal!
Repair Pal is a great site to find repair estimates for all your auto needs! Repair Pal helps you to determine if the estimated price you are receiving for your auto repair is a fair deal or overly priced! They let you know what to expect and what to look out for when you have the service or repair performed. So now you will know if you're over paying for that Oil Change or Brake Job at that "other place". Don't get caught paying too much for your auto repair again with Repair Pal!

 Another cool feature with Repair Pal  is they send a printable version of your Repair Price Estimate directly to your email! Which is very helpful when you're out and about price hunting! With your estimate saved for you in your email, you can quickly keep track of all your estimates!

The site also has a shop directory where you can search via zip code or store name. This is very helpful when looking for a repair shop that is near by your home. So if you live in the Dallas area, you can search for Dallas Auto Repair! Makes things much more convenient in my opinion, plus it's super simple to use!

You're also able to store all of your information on a special page just for info on your vehicle called My Car! So you can keep track of that Chevrolet Silverado of yours much easier now!This helps keep all your service information organized and easy to come back in the future if needed! Also, don't forget to check out their RSS feed with all  the latest recalls, technical service bulletins, reviews and questions about your car --all for free!

The site is easy to navigate your way around and find everything you're looking for! If you're needing an auto repair, check out this site to help you find the best auto repair prices!

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