Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keeping Your Children Safe

We know you are the most amazing online membership. You are serious about teaching your kids ways to stay safe, and you are willing to work to create a safe community for your family. We have several resources for you.
1.  Child Safety: You can help keep your kids safe by using our free Child Safety Kit to teach them skills that will help them make their way through each day. This Kit helps you teach your kids:

  • How to ask for help when no trusted adult is nearby

  • Recognize unacceptable adult behaviors that can threaten children

  • Recognize dangerous situations

  • Ways to respond to dangerous situations and keep safe.
Our free Child Safety Kit is sub-titled "How to teach abduction prevention without scaring your child (or yourself)" and includes 24 pages of guidance for parents. If you live in the US, please click here for your Child Safety Kit.
If you live outside the US, please click here for your Child Safety Kit.
Action Item: Please share this online order form with your friends, family, neighbors and school parents.

2.  Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood:You have also told us about your concerns about sex offenders in your neighborhoods and towns.  We have two resources for you.
  • Parents have asked for help on how to talk to their kids about sex offenders living in their neighborhoods. One of the most important goals is to keep the discussions factual and give your child the skills to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Please click here to read our suggestions.   
  • Parents for Megan’s Law (PFML) is a national non-profit dedicated to helping communities and individuals deal with sex offenders in their midst.
    • Email notification of sex offenders by zip code
    • National hotline: 888-ASK-PFML
      • Ways to keep your neighborhood and community safer
      • Sexual abuse/rape prevention
      • Victim counseling.

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