Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Uses For Dryer Sheets

Image Bounce Dryer SheetsDryer sheets aren't just for use in the dryer! Over the years, I have discovered many alternative uses for dryer sheets. Check out a few of my favorite uses:
  • Remove deodorant from clothing- Simply rub a (new or used) dryer sheet on those embarrassing deodorant marks and watch them disappear.
  • Removing Bugs from the front-end of your vehicle- Soak your dryer sheet in water and swipe across the front of your vehicle to remove those yucky bug guts.
  • Collecting Pet Hair- Rub a dryer sheet over pet hair. The dryer sheet acts like a magnet and will attract any loose hairs.
  • Repel Bugs- Bugs hate the fresh scent! Rub a dryer sheet over your body and clothing before going outside to keep those blood-sucking mosquito's away!
  • Keep Ants Out- I used to have a problem with ants creeping into my bathroom. To solve this problem, I tucked a few dryer sheets into my window seal. Problem solved!
  • Deodorize Smelly Shoes- Place a dryer sheet in your shoes at night. By morning, your shoes will be odor free.
  • Air Freshener- Place a dryer sheet into your toilet paper rolls. When the toilet paper is used, the fabric softener will release a fresh scent into the air.
  • Freshen Up Clothing- Place a dryer sheet in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh.
  • Remove Static from Hair- The cold winter air can mean crazy static hair. Flip you hair and run a fabric softener underneath. Then flip it back and rub on the top of your hair. The static will be gone in seconds.
Remove burnt food from cookware- Place a dryer sheet or two in your pan and add water. Let it soak overnight. In the morning, the food will be incredibly soft and easy to wipe/rinse clean.

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