Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 things to do with old magazines

I have tons of magazines I get in. Well what do I do with them when I'm done looking at them? Since Hurricane Katrina we haven't had recycling service in the Parish I live in. So, I'm looking into ideas on things to make with my magazines! Here's some I came across from Bliss Tree! Please share your ideas as well!
  1. Donate – many schools, community centers, homeless shelters, and other organizations would be happy to take your magazines. Don’t forget about your pals and family members too.
  2. Make a nice full color cookbook on the cheap.
  3. Help your kiddos to make a super cool DIY dollhouse.
  4. Make some amazing coasters or bowls for your own home or to give as holiday gifts.
  5. Grab a piece of recycled plywood, the pile of mags and make a chair or make a cool table.
  6. Save them up and during the holidays choose festive pages to wrap gifts with.
  7. Make homemade stickers for the kids.
  8. Make beautiful homemade jewelry – it looks great I promise.
  9. Save them, shred them, and use as packing material for a move or holiday gift sending – the benefit over newspaper is no stains on items. You can also simply crumple the pages for packing material.
  10. Make the coolest garbage can you’ve ever seen – ironic because you’re keeping mags out of the trash by making it!
What other ideas do you have for old magazines? Really the possibilities are endless. I’ve got a lot of other ideas in my head right now – tell me yours…

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