Monday, January 25, 2010

{ REVIEW & GIVEAWAY } Freckle Box

I love personalized gifts! They make things more personal and unique. It also shows you put time and thought into something in my opinion. Freckle Box sent me a few of their items to check out for review & also provided a giveaway to one of my lucky readers!

I got a few things personalized for my daughter! I received a personalized book, personalized notebook and a personalized coloring book! As you can see, my daughters name is Sophia. I love how my items came out! They are of such high quality!

The coloring book I chose was the Mermaid! It is super cute! The story line on the inside involves Sophia's name through out the book and crayons were also provided!

As far as the book, I choose the HipHop Howie! How adorable! It has tons of cute colorful pictures, great quality and again, involves Sophia's name through out the book! You can feel the pages are pretty thick so it's easy for little hands to turn the page, but not so light that they would easily tear. Which, if you have little kids you know how easy a book can come apart!

For the notebook, I chose the Ballerina! It is too cute! It's a single subject notebook with regular width lines (not the college rule). The paper is good quality as is the cover of the notebook. It's not cheaply made! What a great way to personalize your childs school notebook and make it unique! You can even personalize them so if you want to keep track of bills or coupons or whatever, you could get it personalized to say "bills" or "coupons" on the cover!

About Frecklebox and our Personalized Gifts
What a wonderful job we have

Frecklebox is on a mission to educate and entertain. So we conceived this here web-based business to offer truly unique, personalized gifts for children at affordable prices. The site makes it quick and easy to customize each item so it prominently features the name of the child who will receive the gift. Our entertaining selection of personalized books, posters, growth charts, journal books, coloring books, stickers, placemats, puzzles, and other personalized items, are designed to delight your children and friends.
Meet your founding Freckleheads

One guy’s name is Scott. The other one is Mark. Both guys dove into the baby making business over a decade ago. Even before that, in partnership, they created a printing and distribution business called Progressive Solutions. Both their kids and their company inspired Frecklebox. You see, as parents, these guys take the job of expanding their children’s minds very seriously. And as business people, they’ve been on a relentless mission to explore the possibilities of web-based digital printing. Presto. Frecklebox was born. Hopefully, a great big Frecklehead family will follow.
           Frecklebox headquarters
2170 Martin Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Toll–Free: 888.819.5798 E-mail:

Can't wait for the giveaway to end? Purchase your own personalized items now! They have tons to choose from:

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