Monday, January 25, 2010

Expired Medicine Can Be Dangerous, so Why Use or Keep Them?

Since Sophia & I have been sick I have raided our medicine cabinet for the proper meds! Well a few were expired which  convinced me to do some research to see if using them is dangerous or not. I always throw them away, but still curious. This is what I found: Check it out, it's a good informative article!

More helpful articles:
Medications expire much in the same way that food expires, and expired drugs can pose a health risk. Here you will learn the proper methods of storing medication, and measures to take if they have expired.

While flushing away expired medication has been the standard practice for many years, scientists say these drugs are causing damage to our environment.
Everone has old, expired medications hanging around the house. But while many informational sties suggested flusing them down the toilet as a safe way to dispose of them this is NOT CORRECT!
Next time you reach for prescription in the medicine, remember to read the expiration date before using it. While most prescription medicines lose potency after their expiration dates, many can become toxic and even deadly.
Free Safe Drug Disposal in Farmington Hills Michigan

All across the United States are hospital's, nursing homes and other care facilities that dispose of unused medications on a daily basis. Literally millions of pounds are disposed of and introduced into our water supply.
Be label blind. Don't pitch out prescription drugs because the expiration date wants you to. The odds say the drugs are still good.

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