Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wristbands Can Help Reunite Kids & Parents

This year Carolina Beach, North Carolina has instituted a new "No Lost Child" program to help speed up the process of reuniting lost children with their parents.

When a family arrives at the beach and sets up camp, the local lifeguard gives each child a durable waterproof wristband that is the same color as the nearest lifeguard station (the lifeguard stations are painted different colors.)

When a child is seen wandering on the beach, a lifeguard can check the color of the wristband and speedily return the child to the proper lifeguard station, and easily reunite the child with the usually distraught parents.

New Safety Tip:
We suggest you purchase some durable waterproof wristbands for outings to the beach, the zoo, shopping centers, or stadiums.

You can write your cell phone numbers on each band. If you are at the beach, you can also write the number of the closest lifeguard station on your child's wrist band. Officials will then have an easy way to reunite you with your wandering child.

Be Warned:
Do not write your child's name on the wrist band. Child predators have been known to read the child's name, then address the child as if they already knew one another. This is one of the ways predators trick children into trusting them.

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