Monday, August 24, 2009

Using Craigslist & Scams

How many moms on here use craigslist? It's actually a really great site for all of us frugal a.k.a. cheap, moms! The thing with craigslist is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home to basically thrift store/garage sale shop! If that's how you want to put it. You go to their site, search or browse around and see what they have. The seller or person who's got their listing posted has some sort of contact info posted on their site. Such as an email address, web site, or phone number. You use that info to contact them, arrange to check out the item(s), & arrange pick up. Simple & Easy. It can also save you a lot of time & find you some awesome deals.

I have personally used craigslist for quite some time now since I first heard of it. Now am I getting anything for referring you to them? Nope. Just as a mom in these hard economic times I thought i'd share a tip. Some people haven't even heard of craigslist so hopefully I helped inform someone else out there. The more people that know of the site, the more items that can be sold/bought which in turn helps out both buyer & seller. Seller sells the items quicker, buyer purchases their items not only locally but maybe at a great deal.

One thing you do need to be careful of though is on craigslist there are people who do try to scam. I would suggest only dealing with locals (or within driving distance) & accepting cash only. I have received emails from people claiming they're out of town on business & to have an item sent to such and such location. They'll pay by check, money order, or paypal. The checks and money orders sent are fake. They will not get cash or cleared. So beware. As far as the paypal scam, they will send an email looking like an authentic paypal email to let you know the money has either been sent, or it's on hold until you provide a shipping number for both buyer/seller protection. Don't fall for it. Always go to to actually check your paypal account to see if any funds have actually been deposit. If there is ever any sort of legit hold on your paypal account, there will be a notice of it within your account! Also, always forward the fake paypal emails to You can also report craigslist abuse to So choose your transactions wisely.

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