Monday, August 17, 2009

Stockings for Children in need

I know this is an early start, but I am in a group on Cafe Mom that I love & support & wanted to post this up on here. Maybe get more people to help out with this. I am not the group owner of the site. But if you can, join Cafe Mom if you are not already a member. Then join the group
MOMS WHO CAN'T AFFORD CHRISTMAS FOR THE KIDS & Birthdays and other holidays@ FRIENDSHIPS! Ways to save@ways to make money too & go ahead & head to the post (here). There is no incentive for me if you join. This is to help out kids for Christmas or any other holiday. The more people that know, the more help we can get.

OK! Ladies and familys WE Are doing stocking this year(maybe) If We get enough donations to make and ship stockings. Last year I think it was over 300 stockings(if I remember)

Stocking are only for kids who did not get adopted or if a family backs out to adopt the family.WE had many last year who did not get anything.

this year Our goal is for all kids to have something. Even if its small.

I'm also a mom that cant afford Christmas this year, I have my daughter who moved in with me, with her Bf . And you all know she is expecting end of Oct. So I can not...use my own money for shipping out stockings and stocking fillers. I can buy some fillers but not much.

So Angels I need everone's help on this.

I will be making stockings my self this year.

All I ask is donations early for stockings. Also donations for Shipping out stockings if everyones just mails in $1 for the shipping stockings fund. I will post here all names that sent in dollar so you know I got it.I also will post pics of items I buy for stockings so you know I used every penny.

If you have old stocking around the house that you don't use it also will be appreciated.

ALL DONATIONS(Just for stockings) will be mailed to the group Owner ONLY. Thank You .

Kathy Jodway 2020 W Hasan Dr phoenix,Az 85041.


  1. I can use the help. I have been out of wok due to a medical disability since apil with no income. Please tell me How I can join fo services. Thank you
    candace Ellis

  2. This is a post from 2009 so I don't believe this service is available anymore, at least not on here.


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