Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Note from Ashley

Hey everyone!
I wanted to say a quick hello! See how everyone was doing? I want to thank all my readers & followers. I appreciate having all of you here.

Also, I wanted to point out, please feel free to leave comments on any of the material you have something to say about! This is not just a blog for me, but for everyone who joined & signed up.

Do you have some information you would like me to publish for you? Then feel free to send me an email at ashy.baby@gmail.com with the subject as "The Mommy Diary" with the info, your name & if there's a source or somewhere to link back to. Just make a note at the top of the email you'd like me to add it in here. Please, understand that something I will not post. Such as adult material or advertising. The only advertising would be for maybe deals (such as the ones i'm posting for back to school) or social networking site groups (such as groups or sites like Cafe Mom). I do not want this blog to be over done with ads. Also, I am NOT charging anything to post up your information. All I ask in return is to link back to my blog.

Also, if you're interested in promoting this blog & would like a graphic, please let me know. Once again, email me or leave a comment to this post. I'd be happy to give you a graphic to add to your signature or site. You'll probably have to make it "click able" to get back to the web site, but I can try & figure something out if need be.

*DON'T FORGET* To please check out these sites!

Scrappin A Moment- Which are owned by myself & my friend. We have the lowest rates that we SAW online to make custom scrapbooks & scrap pages. Not to mention we offer discounts for sending us supplies as well! So please look. You can also become a free member. We also have some recommended places to purchase scrapbooking & office supplies under the Supplies section. Lots of neat stuff so come check us out! We'd love to have you there & apart of our members!

Free Stuff Blog- This is my own personal blog as well. I post freebies & samples daily. None of them should ever ask for a shipping price either. As of this second (i'm about to get back to work on todays freebies) I currently have 1,824 freebies posted since I began that blog in May. You can subscribe & receive emails once daily to the 10 newest freebies I posted. Like any other freebie site, some freebies are awesome & others are not the coolest, but there is a variety.

Once again, thank you for being apart of my blog. Hope you stick around. Any comments, advice, suggestions, etc are welcome!

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