Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I WISH stocking stuffers for the needy children


This is a wish taken off WishUponAHero.com I'm posting it here since it went along with another post I made yesterday regarding people looking for help with stockings from a group i'm in off Cafe Mom.

& for those of you who don't know what Wish Upon A Hero is, it's a site where you make a wish & other member can fully or partially grant your wishes. I've been on there for a while & this site has so many helpful people! By the way, it's free to join & be a participating member!

But anyway, on with the wish...
Here's the original link to go to her Wish Page. Her wish is as follows:
heros I know this is a early wish but I have to get started early.I am working on a project for the needy kids of sanders co. our police are wonderfull in making kids dreams of a christmas come true. This does not include my kids this is only for the ones who would normally not get a thing. I have started on stockings for ages 1-10 and am going to make ten girls and ten boys so my goal is 20. I want to be able to deliver 20 stocking for the police dept to hand out when they play santa this year so all help is needed in making this wish come true.
if anybody would like to help in feeling these stockings for the kids then I will get busy sewing all the stocking together and getting them ready. I have gotten them all a book for I get two a month but still have four more to get. they are from the dollar store but are really nice. any kinds of gadgets you would like to send would help me help the kids in need.
thank you for reading this for you will be making a differance in a childs eyes.
these children also need blankets for the winters are really cold and can sometimes drop below 0 we sometimes get 15-20 degrees below 0.
God Bless all that read this.
thank you from the bottom of my heart for any and all help.

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