Sunday, August 23, 2009

FREE Make Corded Blinds and Shades Safer for Little Ones

Earlier today I was ruffling through the August 2009 issue of Parents magazine. In an article entitled, "Make Your Home Healthier", window safety issues were addressed. Small children or babies can tumble out of a window, or even strangle themselves on the cords we use to adjust our blinds or shades. Even conscientious parents who block electrical sockets, pad sharp table corners and bar their cabinets might overlook this safety hazard in the home.

The article suggested that parents or caregivers head over to and order (up to 5) retrofit kits. There is no charge. Once there, scroll down on the left side of the page to the link that says "Order Free Retrofit Kit". Keep in mind that one kit fits four blinds, not just one. These are also meant for blinds and shades manufactured before 1995. The kit comes with hardware and instructions.

Our home is newer but I ordered five kits, because I may still be able to use them to put our cords up out of baby's reach. Also, my parents and mother-in-law occasionally watch the kids and I would feel much better if I knew their blinds and shades, which are older than 1995, were safely secured.

I have heard nightmare stories where parents have walked in to their baby's room, only to find that their child got caught up in the cords of a window covering and strangled. Let's make sure no parent or child ever has to suffer this way again!

Thank you Mary M. on Gather for posting this for everyone!

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