Saturday, August 1, 2009

Entertain Your Kids With An Indoor Safari

These days it can be quite expensive to take your kids out somewhere during Spring break, but you still want to do something special with them. You can have fun an create a lasting memory right in your very own with your kids. By creating a safari for them right there in your own home. When you have a safari in your own home your kids will have fun doing an arts and craft project by creating their own binoculars, and they will have fun searching things out and possibly even photographing them.

Have the kids each make a pair of binoculars out of 2 toilet paper rolls. Tape or glue the rolls together side by side. Let the kids decorate them however they like, Then punch holes on the outside of each of the toilet paper rolls and place some yarn in the holes, tying it securely in each hole forming a necklace that can be worn around the neck to hold the binoculars, this will make a pair of binoculars.

of the stuffed animals found. After you make the list have the kids leave the room, or just go somewhere where they cannot see what you are doing. After they leave the room or hide their eyes hide the animals. You could even collect the animals the night before and hide them after the kids go to bed so they can find them the next day.

To make things even more fun hide the animals all over the house.

After all the animals are hid tell them to uncover their eyes or come back in to the room. Then let them find the hidden animals. Encourage them to use their binoculars as they search for the animals.

As the children find each animal have them place the animal on a table or other surface. Let them keep going until all of the animals are found. They can carry the list with them as they go if they would like to and are able to read.

After they find all the animals give them some sort of treat or homemade medals for being expert animal searchers.

Or as an option they can carry a digital camera with them, and as they find each animal let them take a picture of the animal, and pretend that they are a world famous wild life photographer shooting pictures of the animals for wild life magazine. If there is more than one child the child who finds the animal gets to take the picture, but the other child can be in the picture. Or if you don’t want the child handling the camera you can take a picture of the child who found the animal with the animal. You may need to discreetly assist occasionally to make sure that one child is not finding a lot more animals than the other. Allow them to or assist them in creating their own little on line photo album on or one of the other sites that allows you to create on line albums.

They can even make their animal pictures even sillier or cooler using sites like and If you don’t have a digital camera or do not want your child to play with yours have them draw a picture of their favorite animal that they found on their safari.

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