Saturday, August 15, 2009

WARNING: Venom Energy Drink

Venom Bite Arctic Punch
Ok, so this is just my opinion.. but I had a TERRIBLE experience with this drink. I've drank tons of various energy drinks before in the past. But this one... it made me feel dizy & sick. Rather than energy it kept me from sleeping. I couldn't sleep, so it DID keep me up, but i was so exhausted & READY to go to sleep the whole time! Make sense?

Not to mention, the "cold refreshing feeling" that goes down your throat... reminds me of cold meds or something. Taste & feel. It was NOT refreshing to me at all.

Well, I made a video review on it on ExpoTv that's only about 1 minute long. So come take a look for yourself & see!

ExpoTv is a site where they pay you for your video reviews of any products. It's free to join! Plus right now, they got a $25 assignment going on!

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