Friday, July 10, 2009

Too Epidural Or Not?

I could go into labor at anytime andthe thought of a huge needle in my spine makes me want to faint! Can you guys give me some advice on the best way to go about getting one? I am comitted to getting one!

In all honesty, I was in so much pain from the contractions I was BEGGING for the epidural. I didn't care at that point as long as it'd make those contraction pains go away. They had me sit up & turn sideways on the bed. A nurse was in front of me to support me (which she held me kind of like we were hugging during this process). They use a small needle to numb the area a bit then they give you the actual epidural. I didn't feel any pain at all. All i felt was the lower half of my body getting numb almost instantly. Currently at 17 1/2 months down the line, I do not have any problems from getting the epidural. But do keep in mind that everyone is different.


  1. Hey- Found your blog on blog catalog!!! I hope everything is going well :)

  2. When I decided to get mine I had been on Pitocin for 11 hrs or so. I would have to say, the epi hurt more than the contractions. The guy scrapped my spine with the needle and had to do it again. To this day I still have issues where the needle went it. With my 2nd I had a repeat c section and that one went perfect.


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