Friday, July 17, 2009

Is this child abuse?

I saw this posted up by a fellow cafe mom member is a group called "Discuss Racial Issues". How do you feel about this video? Some say it's the way they get their hair done & nothing unusual. Others say it's a form of child abuse. How would you feel if you saw this?

Every time I placed this video up for all to witness these people horrible behavior towards this child, it has gotten deleted by the user. But finally, enough people have reported this video to the proper authorities, saved the videos for evidence, and posted thsi across the web to show the ugly actions of some mothers. HOnesty, I am pissed from this video and I just hope this little girl gets justice. This people, IMO, is not normal what is happening in this video. And there were three segments of this video with these people carrying on like this with this poor child!

I'm sure all mother's from every background would agree that this is sooo uncalled for. My heart goes out to this little one.

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