Friday, July 24, 2009

HOW TO: make an owl toy

This is what you will need:
* fabric for body of owl, nose, and eyes
* ribbon
* big buttons
* diaper wipe bags or something "crinkly"
* pillow stuffing stuff ;)

Start by cutting 2 layers of fabric for the body of the owl.
I didn't use a pattern, I just drew a square then rounded off the bottom corners and made pointy ears on the top. My owl measured about 10x10inches.
Next I cut out the owl's nose (mine was 3 inches wide) from orange felt and straight-stitched it on.
I used burlap for the first layer on the eyes. They are 2.5 inch circles.

Then brown felt, again 2.5 inch circles.
Then sew on your huge buttons.

I love Joy's owl with the thick ribbon on the sides but I didn't have ribbon that thick and I'm too lazy to run to the store so I just used some thinner ribbon and more orange felt for the wings and pinned them on.

On the back piece of the body I cut and sewed on the diaper wipe bag to add some crinkle when the baby plays with it.

All I did is sew the front and back together (the right sides facing each other) and left the bottom open so I could easily turn it right side out. Then I stuffed it, added some little ribbon legs and sewed the bottom shut.

(This is NOT my work so i'm giving credit to Little Nanny Goats Blog: thanks for the awesome idea!)

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