Monday, July 13, 2009

How can I prevent my 22-month-old from taking off his clothes and diaper in the crib?

My 22-month-old keeps taking his clothes off, diaper and all, when he is in the crib. I have tried putting his pj's on backwards, and he somehow manages to get his diaper off anyway with his pj's still on. Help! I am sick of changing his sheets daily.

This sounds very frustrating. You were right to begin by putting his pajamas on backwards. For many toddlers with this habit, that does the trick. Perhaps your son is destined to become an escape artist!

Keep in mind that his skill at taking off his clothes may be a sign that he's ready for toilet training. (Other signs include taking an interest in the potty, wanting to imitate your behavior in the bathroom, and letting you know through words or gestures that he has a dirty or wet diaper.)

Another possible solution is to give him some "naked time" during the day so that he gets what he wants without soiling the crib. Part of that time could be devoted to toilet training.

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