Friday, July 10, 2009

Grandparent Rights

I saw this question posted on Cafe Mom:

What is your opinion on grandparent's rights regarding visitation? I mean if a parent doesn't want them to see their child wouldn't you think there's a reason for it? If a parent doesn't want their child to see someone why should a court say "oh well" and go against a parents wishes. Who's to say there shouldn't be aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor rights? I guess it just baffles me that people feel entitled to other people's children. Opinions?

My response:
Although i think children should get to spend time with their grandparents (unless negative activities are going on) I also believe that it should NOT be forced. I think the parents should have the final say EVEN IF theres nothing wrong going on. If a court is going to force a parent to to allow the grandparents visitation, why not let ANYONE seek visitation of your child? Yes, grandparents are family, but visitation with them or anyone else should NOT be forced in my opinion. I think the only custody issues should be between the father & mother (unless something has happened to them kind of thing).

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