Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free BellyBag!

***Ok, thanks to April, this is NOT free like they made it sound. It sounded to me like you request info they send you the bag. This is not the case. April has informed me they want a credit card & your 1st payment would be $90! So i guess you have to actually go through with this too! What a disappointment!***

CLICK HERE FOR THE BELLY BAG(the link it too long to just post sorry)

Here's the info off their site: (its an incentive type deal.. let them yap your head off on the phone for a min & theyll send u this lil bag.. im not preggo anymore but i think i might pretend to be for this! lol)

Limited Time Special Offer

It's Your Baby's Life Learn More!

Take 1 Minute Get Your Free BellyBag*

Baby Shower PhotoBaby Shower Photo

Enter a Date and Time of Contact at the Bottom of This Form to Receive
a Call and Your Free Belly Bag*

Due Soon? Don't Wait Call 24/7 800-STOR-CELL...Ask About Same Day

With your new baby on the way, you and your family have so many things to
do and prepare for. One of the most important decisions you can make is
to save your newborn's umbilical cord blood at birth.

CRYO-CELL Makes It Simple
  1. Take 30 seconds: Request Expectant Parent Information Packet.
  2. Click Submit to watch 3 minute Cord Blood Movie.
  3. Same day kit delivery available at no additional cost.

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