Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeding your kids in the store

This was taken from a post off Cafe Mom & I have to say that I do agree with what this mom is saying 100%. I mean, unless your child has special needs why must they be fed IN a store rather than before you go or after you leave? Sure a small snack size ziplock bag of some cheerios for a toddler is fine, but for those who have to open their food product BEFORE even purchasing it... what's up with that? It's one of those things that just drive me. But what's your opinion on the subject?

Is there an excuse for feeding your child in the store, short of your child being diabetic and having an emergency? Is there a reason someone can't feed her child before she leaves the house, and make her child wait till she gets back home to eat again? Is there a reason you can't feed your child a snack in the car if you get tied up? What possible reason would you have for HAVING to feed your child IN THE STORE?

What are you teaching your child? You're teaching him/her that he/she doesn't have to respect other people's property, for one. The store has a right to say no eating or drinking in the store, just as you have a right to make rules about YOUR PROPERTY. You're also teaching your child that he/she should have immediate gratification.

If your child were sitting in a classroom, or in church, she wouldn't be able to just whip out some food and eat if she got hungry. She'd have to wait till recess or lunch. She'd had have to deal with it. We can justify anything we want to do, but when it really comes down to it, we're not doing our kids any favors by letting them eat in the store.

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