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Link Exchange:

Something else that is new that I am offering is advertising. I am willing to do a link/button exchange. Your button or link will be placed in my Supported Sites section on the right side of the screen. It's a scroll box that auto scrolls. This option is of course free

Just email me & tell me where I can find my button or link on your page & then with your info & we'll go from there. 

Awesome Links Posting:
The Hot Links Section is located in the right sidebar & has open exposure. I will sell advertising slots there for $20 per link. It is just a one time fee for the space. The price is higher up because it is in full view all the time on the page.

Blog Posting:
I accept guest posts for just $5 per post or I can write up a post for $30 per post. All posts are permanent and will not be removed.

Monthly Ads:
You can have your ad on my site for just a month for $50/month for on top or a bottom ad. OR you can get an add in the sidebar for $30/month.

Product Review/Giveaways:
If you would like me to review a product from your company and/or give one away I would be more than happy to do so at NO cost as long as I am keeping a product from your site for my time & sharing the information. Your company is required to cover the shipping cost to the giveaway winner.

Again, Email me if interested in this type of exchange or interest.

Payment Methods:

I will accept via PayPal ONLY. Once the payment is received your ad will be placed up within 24 hours.

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