♥About Me

My name is Ashley & I'm a mom of a beautiful girl named Sophia, who was born in January 2008. She is my life and brings lots of joy into it as well. I was born & raised in New Orleans, LA & plan on staying here.

How did I get started with this blog?
As many of you already know, I have a blog Closet of Free Samples. With that blog and seeing other blogs and finding other information, it encouraged me to want to start another blog. I'm always on Amazon.com and finding great deals and I thought this would be a more appropriate blog to share tips, articles and sales on. I need something that's a bit different than freebies & giveaways sometimes! =)

My Hobbies
I enjoy scrapbooking, photography anything Twilight & shopping, but the #1 thing I enjoy are doing these giveaways & freebies in my blog! You could say it's become a hobby of mine!

PR Friendly
I would love to be able to host some bigger giveaways & do some reviews of some nice products. If there are any companies out there looking for that, I am here & willing to do it!

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