Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Best Days to Conceive- Baby Boy or Baby Girl

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Having a baby is not just enough for some couples or families but the gender of the baby whether boy or girl is also very important. Over the years there have been many predictions or facts brought out by both scientists and spiritualists on some of the best days to conceive. Controlling your conceiving days is possible especially if you know what to do and how to do it at the right times. In this article, I am going to be giving you some tips on the right days to conceive a baby boy or baby girl.
For a baby girl, it is very important if you conceive right before ovulation. This is because girl sperms are hard but very slow which is why conceiving just a day or two before ovulation is better for them as compared to boys. Many couples do not believe these methods work but I believe there is no harm in trying if you are in dire need of a girl. The whole idea of conceiving boy sperms is by making the ovary very uncomfortable for the boy sperm and making it accessible for the girl sperm.
If you really mean business, you should not be let down by your first try because some couples try more than once or twice before it works out. It does not have to do with getting pregnant but has to do with the gender of the baby. Also, there are so many sexual positions that have been said to be the best to conceive baby girls. There are even calendars that have special days to conceive baby boys or girls and even twins on them. Due to the desperation of some people, many people have taken advantage of this to rid couples of their hard earned monies by giving them fake facts and advice that does not work.
Having girls are much more difficult than having boys especially due to the many things that need to be put in place. In some traditions having baby girls are a sign of wealth. Also, boy sperms are faster but weaker so they need to be conceived very close to the woman’s ovulation period. They are so fast so they cannot wait around for the egg for a long time. There are also special foods that are best to help conceive wither boys or girls. Conceiving during a specific time is important if you want to have a specific gender.
Never give up on the hope of conceiving the gender of your choice after a few tries. Visiting your doctor to help you after many failures are very important. Best days to conceive have become very popular with many videos, websites, and books being made to give couples or individuals the right grounds and basis to have the genders of their choice. In the long run, having a baby girl or boy to me does not matter but if it does to you I believe this article was of so much help.

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