Friday, January 4, 2019

VIPKid: "How to Make Money as a SAHM"

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Plenty of times I’ve heard “Is this real? I thought it was a scam”, not even close! VIPKID is a fun and easy remote job that makes my traveling lifestyle possible! I make more than $3000 a month working 4-5 hours a day from any country in the world!

VIPKID is an online ESL company, based in China, that hires North American teachers to teach adorable students in China. They are quickly expanding into other Asian countries. Very quickly, hints why we have 60,000 teachers. VIPKID offers a variety of curriculums but majority of the classes are 25-minutes and one-on-one. We teach lessons based on Common Core through an online portal. The lesson materials are provided by VIPKID and the lessons are engaging and fun! Most of the students range from ages 5-12 but they can be younger and older.

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