Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shop Avon Campaign 10 – The Incredible eye event!

Shop/View #Avon Campaign 10 – The Incredible eye event!. is here valid from 4/18/18 – 5/1/18 to #shop/#view it online. In this Avon campaign, 10 #catalogs are introducing amazing eye event #sales/#skincare. The eye lift pro dual eye system product #327-392 in this brochure only for $14.99 reg price $28.00 check it out here.
There is a lot of sales, gift ideas & more. Avon is always in the loop of things, always on style & trends of the new & now. Who? said Avon is old-fashioned. I think not! As an Avon Representative online I’m very proud what Avon has to offer, great quality products at affordable prices.
Did you know Mark? the magalog is integrated with the Avon brochure as well as Avon Living, it used to be its own separate catalogs. All together in one place, so much easier. I’m glad they made this changes about two months ago. The only separate catalogs are Avon Outlet & the Avon Flyers.
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Here are the links below to each of the individual brochures and effective dates, mark, outlet, & flyers online.

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