Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Simple and Effective Fertility Tips To Help You Conceive

Conceiving can be difficult for some while some may get pregnant even in a few month. There are many for whom trying to conceive is a struggle. They try for years with the hope of getting pregnant but are unable to. There might be many reasons for the same and if you are unable to conceive even after trying for a year, you should seek medical opinion. But before that, there are some remedies and fertility tips that you can try and you never know they might just work!
Have confidence in your body: First and foremost, you should think positive and be confident about your body. Stop negative thoughts, and do not stress about not getting pregnant. A happy you, means, your right hormones are triggered and your body functions better. Try to spend some good romantic moments with your partner. Think of making love and not just having sex.
Eat well: Say good bye to junk food and say hello to fresh fruits and vegetables. Also stop all the contraceptives, if you had been taking any. Have more nuts and dry fruits. Drink enough water. Avoid alcohol and other such beverages. Keep away from aerated drinks as well. Stop smoking. Take the necessary vitamins and folic acid tablets. However, you can do this after taking a doctor’s advice. When you lead such a life, you are laying a foundation for a greater chance of conception. 
Know your ovulation days:  Generally, the 15th day of your menstruation period is when you will ovulate. For example, if your menstrual cycle is of 28 days and you had your period on the first of a month, then the 15th day or the 14th day is when you will ovulate. There are also some signs that tell you are ovulating. You get a sticky and clear vaginal mucous on these days or your body temperature might be a little higher on these days. You can also buy an ovulation stick which works just as a pregnancy test. The ovulation stick will help you know if you are ovulating or not.
Have sex: Of course, this is the most important part. Try not to get stressed or angry on these days. If you can plan a getaway, then do that. You should try to have sex either on alternate days or every day if you can, starting from the 11th day of your last period. If that is not possible and if you know for sure  your ovulating days, then you can start having sex at least three days before it.  The sperms can remain in the woman’s body for two days, that is why alternate days of sex is always recommended. It is important to enjoy your time rather than having sex with the thought of conception.
Keep trying: Once you have decided to have a baby, it means you have to keep trying. Not all can get pregnant at the first attempt, and that means you should not give up hope. Some may take months of trying. So, keep at it. Enjoy trying and have fun. Be happy and have confidence. Instead of thinking, what if I don’t succeed; think ‘I will get pregnant’.  Instead of getting fed up, look forward to trying to conceive.

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