Monday, August 17, 2015

Teaching contractions!

Teaching contractions
Would you like to help your child avoid some of the most common errors in written English?
I’m talking about the misuse of contractions, especially when it comes to words like it’s vs. itsand you’re vs. your.
I’m sure you’ve seen these mistakes; maybe they’ve even made you cringe.
Giving your child a solid foundation in the way contractions are formed and what they actually mean—that is, which letters the apostrophe replaces—will go a long way toward helping him or her avoid these common mistakes in the future.
Join me on the blog to discover…
  • The easiest way I’ve found to teach contractions to children
  • Downloadable lesson plans on contractions from both All About Reading and All About Spelling
  • A printable list of contractions that you can use in your own lessons
Teaching contractions

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