Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tips for Men

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In the Battle of the Sexes,
Men aren’t Doing So Well

Author Offers 3 Tips to Level the Playing Field

The headlines would be comical if they weren’t so sad – and numerous.

“YOUNG WOMAN SCAMS LOVE STRUCK ELDERLY MAN OUT OF $200,000” (Elk Grove, Calif., January 2013)
“Just Google and you’ll find all kinds of news stories about men who willingly give up their cash, their luxury cars, even an ex-wife’s diamond ring,” as in the Elk Grove case, says Charles D. Martin, author of “Provocateur,” (, a novel about smart, beautiful women and the power they wield over men.

“As men, we never like to admit that we may be outsmarted by a woman – but the truth is, it is happening all the time!”

And it’s getting worse, for men.

“Women are far outpacing men in numbers of college degrees. They now outnumber men, earning almost 60 percent of college degrees,” Martin says. “And while that doesn’t necessarily make them ‘smarter’ than men, it sure does add to their advantage.”

In addition women have other (obvious) advantages.

“In the presence of a sexy woman, men lose their ability to think or act rationally,” Martin says. “That’s an enormous advantage for women! Men do not realize that it is women that are in charge of the mating process.”
How can men level the playing field? Martin has some suggestions:
• Recognize the predator – and the prey. If you are an older gentlemen, particularly one with some status or affluence and a young, attractive woman comes on to you … be on guard. She probably has nefarious, not amorous, motives. Keep your pants zipped and your wallet stowed until you are totally persuaded that her affection for you is genuine.
• Remember, they don’t have to be young to be dangerous. The woman arrested in the Elk Grove, Calif., case was 30 years old. There are also recent news stories about a 54-year-old woman stealing more than $85,000 from a 93-year-old man, promising him a “big payoff.” In another case, a 45-year-old woman had a 60-year-old man paying for her elective surgeries, limousines, even a $1,000 dog. She was arrested in December. “They may be moms or grandmoms, but they’re still women,” Martin says.
• Even if you are happily married, you are still vulnerable.  Beware the “perfect storm,” which occurs as a man ages and tries to hang on to his virility, just as his high school sweetheart is also showing signs of wear. That makes him vulnerable to a younger female with ulterior motives. If a sexy woman comes on to you, get away fast.  These “Provocateurs” can get the best of you in a nanosecond. 
About Charles D. Martin
Charles Martin runs a hedge fund, Mont Pelerin Capital, LLC, and serves on the investment committees of prominent universities. An established business writer, his first novel focuses on the intrigue that often exists between alpha females that take on – and conquer – dominant males. Martin lives with his wife in a coastal town south of Los Angeles. 

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