Friday, November 6, 2015

URGENT: Oregon delisting could spell TROUBLE for wolves

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How much longer will the famous wolf, OR-7, and his pups survive if protections are taken away?
That question is important, now that Oregon is considering removing gray wolves from the state’s endangered species list. This listing has helped wolves begin to recover in Oregon and even allowed OR-7 to become the first wolf in 90 years to set foot in California.
Don’t let this success turn into another nightmare for wolves.
The State of Oregon was one state that was getting wolf recovery right. Wolves have been making progress but there are still fewer than 100 wolves statewide. Much of the state is still without any wolves, and by the management plan’s own definition, these animals are far from recovered.
Most of Oregon’s wolves are in the northeast corner of the state, not far from the Idaho border. Wolves in northeastern Oregon were stripped of federal protections by Congress in 2012. State delisting could drastically reduce protections for the still fragile wolf population in Oregon.
And in neighboring Idaho, it’s legal to kill a wolf almost every day of the year, so any Oregon wolf that happens to wander into Idaho is an immediate target.
It’s a fact. No species with a population below 100 animals has ever been delisted in Oregon. Wolves must not become the exception.
If Oregon delists wolves now, wolves may needlessly die. We can’t let that happen.
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