Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LEGO's Friends Line for Girls Raises Controversy

Accidentally stepping on a stranded piece of LEGO while barefoot  and then clutching your foot in pain while you hop around in the dark  is almost a rite of passage of parents whose kids reach a certain age. Still, most of us manage to love this versatile building toy anyway, for the endless creativity it encourages in our kids.

That is until recently. The LEGO company is losing parental love over its new gender-stereotyped line for girls, "LEGO Friends." As Jezebel describes it, "Unlike Lego's best-selling city line, which features realistic buildings, the [Friends] town is built with new pastel bricks and the main attractions include a beauty salon, a horse academy, a veterinary clinic, and a café. ... Each girl has a different personality: 'the smart girl,' 'the animal lover,' 'the beautician, and 'the singer.'"

Would you pick these Legos for your daughter?

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