Holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, right? So why does the depression rate soar at this time of celebration? If the holidays have taken an emotional toll on you in the past, tune into the some of the tools below to combat holiday depression this season.

Tools to Combat Holiday Depression

1. Know the triggers. First and foremost, recognizing what triggers your depression symptoms is a powerful way to combat holiday depression. As with most everything in life, the first step to change is awareness. When you recognize your depression triggers, you can defuse their power. In other words, your knowledge is power.
  • Finances. With the added expenses of gifts, travel, food and entertainment, the holidays can stress your budget as well as your peace of mind. Stress has been shown to trigger depression symptoms.
  • Relationships. Facing the holidays without a loved one can be tough and leave you feeling lonely and sad. On the opposite front, the stress of being with family members where there is strain in the relationship can trigger depression symptoms.
  • Irregular Schedule. The extra socializing and shopping can disrupt your usual schedule. When exercise, sleep and regular meals take a back seat, depression symptoms are typically triggered.