Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1,794 wild horses sent to the slaughterhouse!

Don't Let the BLM Get Away with Illegally Selling Wild Horses for Slaughter!

Update #1 3 days ago ▾

I wish to graciously thank all of you for signing/sharing my petition. Without your support, change is not possible. The outraged voices of American citizens are not enough, but with the global protest, I truly believe we can force change. Please keep sharing, and know that lives are depending on you!

About This Petition

The Interior Department Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a report on October 23, 2015 that has revealed the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sold 1,794 federally protected wild horses to Coloradan rancher, Tom Davis, who then illegally sold them to Mexican slaughterhouses. Unfortunately, this is not the first report of the BLM's actions leading to the deaths of wild horses.

As someone who has loved and owned horses since I was eight years old, I was horrified when I learned a few years ago that the BLM has directly and indirectly caused the deaths of hundreds of wild horses. I didn't know what to do back then, but now I am asking you to join me in demanding justice for the wild horses that have lost their lives due to BLM mismanagement and neglect

It is illegal for the BLM to sell federally protected horses to buyers that would have them slaughtered, and the BLM is also prohibited from selling so many horses to one buyer. So not only did BLM staff refuse to see the writing on the wall when they sold so many horses to Davis, they were actually breaking the law. But maybe they thought it would be OK because Davis has a personal business relationship with the then Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar. After all, the sale of these horses purportedly began just weeks into Salazar's term.

The OIG report reveals that at worst the BLM has a serious corruption problem and at best has a serious negligence problem. Either way, there should be an investigation. And yet, although the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Colorado and the State of Colorado Conejos County District Attorney's Office have seen the OIG reportboth agencies have declined to further investigate or pursue justice in this matter. This is outrageous!

The 1,794 wild horses who perished deserve justice, but the tens of thousands of horses still under the BLM's care also need protection. Please sign this petition to demand that U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch investigate the BLM and hold them accountable for sending federally protected horses to the slaughterhouse.  

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