Monday, October 12, 2015

Stop the secret seal slaughter in the UK!

Stop The UK Seal Slaughter

Seal cubs are being left to starve to death as their mothers are shot along Britain's coast. This petition seeks to ban the killing of seals in the UK. We ask that fishing operations use non-lethal seal deterrents such as nets and acoustic devices instead of killing seals.
Fishing operations off the coast of the UK are shooting and killing hundreds of seals each year. Fish farmers see seals as pests, and last year in Scotland, more than 200 were slaughtered. This is likely just the tip of the iceberg as those figures are not ­independently verified and kills are not recorded for the rest of the UK. The animals are a protected species under EU law but there are exceptions for killing them to protect fish or equipment.

In Scotland, seals can be shot year-round, even during breeding season. That means there's a high probability the slaughtered seals are mothers — leaving their orphaned pups to starve. Whilst we do want all seal killing to be stopped, at the very least the SNP need to bring in a new law to ban seal killing during their breeding seasons in Scotland.

Sign this petition asking the Government to immediately ban the killing of seals and require fishing operations to use non-lethal seal deterrents. Help save seals!

Signing will send the petition letter to your MP asking them to take action.

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