Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Apps to Make Mom’s Life a Little Easier

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ZocDoc, a free, online doctor booking service, helps negate the stress of booking and makes it easy to find quality doctors (parents can even download the free ZocDoc app – iPhone & Android – and schedule 24 hours a day). Parents can become so consumed with caretaking for their children, that they neglect their own health (according to ZocDoc’s recent survey, 91% of parents delay or skip scheduling appointments with the doctor for themselves – see more stats from the survey below).

Additional Survey Stats:
·         Parents:
o   Once an appointment is scheduled, parents are nearly three times more likely than non-parents to cancel or reschedule their visit.
o   Yet they are quick to send friends and family members to the doctor –  more than half (53%) of parents would recommend a same-day appointment for a loved one feeling unwell, but only 30 percent would make the same effort for themselves.
·         Women:
o   Women are more likely to put off preventive care (82% vs. 78%).
o   If sick, nearly two-thirds of women (66%) would rather wait it out than make a doctor’s appointment right away, compared to just around half of men (52%) in the same situation.
o   Nearly half (46%) of women are more inclined to self-diagnose and self-treat than find a doctor who can see them in short order when feeling unwell, compared to 39% of men.
o   However, more men than women (80% vs. 75%) would cancel or reschedule doctor appointments because they are too busy or have work or family responsibilities.

About ZocDoc:
·         ZocDoc patients can book more than 1,800 different types of medical procedures across more than 50 specialties.
·         The typical ZocDoc user sees a doctor within 24 hours – 18X faster than the national average.
·         ZocDoc helps patients stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders.
·         And those pesky waiting room forms? ZocDoc Check In lets patients fill them out online, just once, and keep them forever.

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