Friday, June 27, 2014

Benefits Of Children Getting Enough Sleep

Everyone believes sleeping is essential, however it is among the first things we take off our "to do" checklist. You will have to reconsider making sleep a priority given it affects a great number of parts of your life. Additionally you want to lead by example for your children. A child getting the right amount of rest is essential for healthy development. 

A recent UCLA study found that you might put on weight by not getting enough sleep. Scientists found that not getting enough sleep effects the amount of ghrelin. This is the hormone that helps with appetite control. So if you don't get enough sleep, you have lower levels of ghrelin, and that means you will be hungrier the very next day. 

As moms we want all the brain power we are able to get and getting the right amount of sleep does just that. Whenever you don't get enough sleep proteins increase in your head, that's where you get that fuzzy feeling. 

So how does lack of sleep affect your children, well much the just like it does you. Youngsters who do not get enough sleep are more inclined to have weight issues. A Harvard medical study found that toddlers who slept below 12 hours each day were two times as likely to end up overweight by age three. 

Children who receive the ideal amount of rest are more happy and also have sharper minds. Kids who do not get enough sleep have a more difficult time focusing, making it harder for them to learn. Allow your children to sleep in on the weekends. This can help them catch up on essential sleep. 

Kids will be kids; there is no getting around that. Every child will almost certainly have their share of bumps and bruises, however, you can minimize these occurrences by making sure your child gets enough rest. Well rested children are able to think more clearly and steer clear of making careless mistakes which lead to injury. 

So for both children and adults it is essential that we get enough sleep every single night. Parents really need to lead by example when it comes to getting enough sleep. Begin tonight in making sure everyone in your family gets the sleep they need.

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